We have two dogs, three cats, and six hens.

Heinz is very unfriendly.

You should just do what Tommy is asking you to do.

We are now closer than we have ever been.


Laurel doesn't have any friends who like camping.

The explorers began to suffer from a severe lack of food.

I've heard Kristian is really good at speaking French.

This function takes two parameters, the first one is the title of the window, the second one will be the title of the icon.

"Hey, Cris." "What is it" "Oh actually, never mind."

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Keeping a car is a considerable expense.

We've humiliated her.

It's the coldest region in the country.

Brenda has recently changed his telephone number.

It is possible that I have forgotten my keys.

That's right, isn't it?

I knew him well.

The trouble lies in the engine.

You're a peculiar girl, Erik.

Please don't cut me off like that.

Tarmi wants to be a paramedic.

Sumitro isn't too old to do that.

I'm willing to bet Mr. Thomas ruins this project, too.


Brodie didn't offer us anything to drink.

The big question is what do we do about it.

I could never compete with you.

Don't let him scream.

Many commentators regard Obama as a centrist.

We're deluding ourselves.

I saw Dan hitting Lynn.

Do you know the reason Eliot was sent to the Boston office?

I can't remember what I ate last night.

I wanted out of there.

Johnnie doesn't want to tell Kelly everything.

Let's go get snockered like we did last weekend.

No offense!


I am positive that he is wrong.

He became inarticulate after just a couple of beers.

How are you feeling this morning?

I told him I was interested.

Does Mick live next door to the bus driver that worked with John?

Eileen is a candidate.

Gerald looks fine to me.


It'd be nice if we had curry for dinner tonight.

Dean will most likely be the first one to show up.

Roderick isn't the only one who doesn't want to go to the zoo.

I came here with my mom.

Shannon became emotional.

There's nothing more to be said.

I'm not persuaded.


That was delicious.

He immediately follows her, like an ox to the slaughter.

He bit off the meat.

This was third school shooting incident in six months.

Murray isn't very good at parallel parking.

I don't have other things to study.

We've got to get back to work.


I'm going to rewrite this report.

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It's not as crowded here as I expected it to be.

She stole a lot of money from him, so now she is in prison.

Let go of my arm! I can't stand people touching me.

Thanks for everything, Nadeem.

These things are often unknown to the world.

I want you to tell me what you're going through.

Dawson is amazing.

He never got a holiday.

She doesn't eat meat, does she?

He's learning Chinese.

Does that suggest something to you?

You'll be my guests.

The teacher permitted him to go home.


God damn it, what the hell is wrong with you?

We're trying to locate him.

The student became very nervous with the teacher watching him.


God works in mysterious ways.


Can I see you a moment in my office?

I'm in love with her. I don't care what you think.

The cat is rolling over on its back.

Why haven't you asked for my help?

She took a job in a store for the summer.

I still think this is the best choice.

I enjoyed working with him.

An American politician reportedly said: "All I know is what is on the internet."

Be careful not to trip.

May I look the house over?

Lar dreamed that she had won the contest.


I think of you as a friend.

He will never fail to carry out the project.

I feel sleepy when I listen to soft music.


That might not be as difficult as you think it's going to be.

Don't you have nausea?

Petr was there, but he didn't help us.

Spudboy doesn't have any money left.

Go to your room and think about what you've done!


The zombies are closing in on us!


He lives next door to us.

Don't call him names.

There are people who are afraid of spiders.

That was serious.

He is not much to look at, I guess.


Good health is the most valuable of all things.

This is my farm, and it isn't for sale.

I have dinner between seven and eight o'clock.

We were shocked to learn that Marie was killed.

Slartibartfast is watching the evening news.

I'm not going to tell her.

Time is up. Hand in your papers.

I think James should be able to do that without any help.

The dishes can be washed in half an hour.


I want to have a proper house and garden.


My interest in politics is strictly academic.


The moon is brighter than usual tonight.

Run for it, Jochen!

I'm going to tell you about a strange incident.

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Her unusual behavior caused our suspicions.

Don't touch anything without asking.

Why did you want to talk to Shankar?

I trusted him.

Wendi is level-headed.

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I assume that Syed will swim.

That's why he lost his job.

Your apartment looks wonderful!

I was tied up until very late getting some things in order.

She came home with a stud in her nose.


I am taking her out to dinner this evening.

Your mother will get well soon.

Don't forget to leave a tip.

I need money in general, not just now.

My idleness will become my doom.

I estimate that the work will cost more than $10,000.

He doesn't have a hat on.

He wavered between going home and remaining at work in the office.

Manjeri caught the ball.

Renu tipped the waiter.

The prisoner is in chains.

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I never got along with Izzy.

Have you hugged anyone lately?

What do nurses spend most of their time doing?

How well can you play guitar?

If you go out wearing that little you will catch a cold.

What are you doing for dinner tomorrow?

It should be freezed!

His success was due in part to good luck.

I'm not going to work.

I am British.

Socially awkward children are more susceptible to bullying.


Let's go to sleep.


My headache has gone away.


We Germans fear God, but nothing else in the world.

The economy is in dire need of a jumpstart.

Case was struck by lightning.

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Jussi has been working for us for three years.

Celia told me what you said.

They make the best pizza in town.


You will have to take his place in case he cannot come.

What if I say no?

I met Micah at a wine auction a few years ago.


I really liked them.

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I'm double-parked. Could you hurry it up?

He is putting on weight.

My idol is idle.

I have already written a letter.

It is important for him to get the job.

At what time did you go to bed yesterday?

Will you please stop teasing me?

Where do all of you live?

The whole island was a wasteland of ice, whipped by freezing storms, and bleached skeletons were the only signs of the life that had once been there.

Antonella would never say anything like that.

Spy has not earned such treatment for any of his actions.

The chicken the waiter brought to the table was still raw.

They misled me.